Sidi Ergo Shoes

Sidi Ergo Shoes

You can find prices for the Sidi Ergo 2 shoe from this page and we've also summarised its characteristics below. This is one of the two top road cycling shoes from Sidi (the other is the Genius 6.6), with the main difference being a special adjustable buckle system on the Ergo. This features a highly adjustable ratchet with the Techno 2 dial enabling adjustment with gloves on while you are cycling, which can be very important if you suffer any pressure hot spots.

Velcro straps complete the security fastenings on the top of the shoe. All the fastenings have soft internal padding to help relieve pressure points.

There is also a general difference in appearance with this shoe being of a more straightforward and plain design, apart from its technical features.

This model features an adjustable retention device for your heel which closes the back of the shoe very securely around the ankle, particularly allowing tightening of the top of the heel cup so as not to slip when you are out of the saddle during climes or sprints. Uniquely there is a separate adjustment on each side which means that quite small adjustments are possible with this to optimise your fit.

The buckles and heel counters are also replaceable.

As you might expect at this level of specification the full carbon sole gives excellent rigidity and power transfer, with the variable thickness helping to avoid making your foot numb on longer rides.

Like the other top shoes from Sidi, this one uses Lorica breathable uppers with mesh inserts to help cooling.

The Sidi Ergo two is compatible with all the major cleat brands, including Look, Shimano, Speedplay and Campagnolo. It is available in standard and wide widths, including women's specific sizing.

We've found 41 results for Sidi Ergo Shoes including the following models and versions:

The current model is the Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon Lite 2011.
Also there is the Ergo 2 Carbon Lite – Vernice.
You can also pick up earlier versions from 2008, 2009 and 2010, sometimes at great discounts.

Reviews of the Sidi Ergo 2

Reviews give very consistently high ratings on all aspects, including comfort, quality, adjustability, wait, fit and value (considering the performance you get). In fact it's very difficult to find any sort of complaint or issue with this particular model so not surprisingly it continues to be available long after its original version appeared.

The phrase "the most comfortable shoes on the planet" can be seen quite a few times !