Easton EA50 Wheels

Easton EA50 Wheels

It's unusual to find a hand built wheel at an entry-level price, but the Easton EA50 is exactly that, making it a resilient wheel for training, basic racing or simply any general road riding.

Despite its price you can expect good ride quality and sufficient stiffness and responsiveness to cope with most none competitive riding, combines with the reliability and durability that you would expect from a hand built wheel.

As you might expect this wheel is a clincher. It is also available in the EA50 SL version with double butted spokes at a slightly higher price, which would be more suitable for some racing duties.

The names on this wheel are V section, 31mm deep with a surprisingly low weight of 753g on the front and 931g on the rear. Sealed cartridge bearings are used on the hubs, which is very useful on a general-purpose wheel as a shelter against the weather.

Easton EA50 Wheelset
Easton EA50 SL Wheelset

Main specifications for the EA50 Wheels

Rim depth: 31mm
Size: 700c
Weight: 1735 grams
Hubs: F-V2, R-V2
Rims: View Rim Profile
Spokes: Sapim straight-guage silver, 20F radial on the front wheel and 24R radial on the rear NDS / 2-cross DS.
Nipples: Brass Silver

Summary of reviews

There are plenty of favourable comments about the quality of these wheels considering the price and they appear to be very durable, making them an excellent training wheel.

For riders who need a modestly priced racing wheel set, the SL with its double butted spokes is also worth considering.