Easton EC70 Wheels

Easton EC70 Wheels

This is the only carbon clincher wheel from Easton and the EC70 wheel is suitable for all-round road racing, giving a lighter and stiffer performance than the aluminium version.

Carbon is used within the aluminium next to the spoke nipples to strengthen the wheel and to allow greater tension. This also means these wheels are suitable for heavier, more powerful riders.

It is a very versatile wheel which is fast and light, while having an intermediate rim profile of 38 mm, which gives the Easton EC70 a mix of good aero performance for longer faster rides combines with lightness for ascents and consistency and stability for descents.

There is one basic model available which is the Easton EC70 SL Wheel.

Summary specifications for the EC70 wheels

Size: 700C
Weight: 1695 grams
Hubs: F-C3, R-C3
Rim depth: 38mm
Spokes are Sapim double-butted silver with 18F radial on the front and 24R radial NDS/ 2-cross DS on the rear
Nipples: Alloy Black, RNDS: Alloy Black, RDS: Brass Silver

Summary of reviews

You can find quite a few reviews online for these wheels and it quickly becomes apparent that they are as reliable as expected, particularly in terms of their strength and behaviour under heavy load, with heavier riders.

They also seem to stay true even after considerable mileage and are also quite comfortable over longer distances.