Fast Forward F5R Wheels

Fast Forward F5R Wheels

This is a popular wheel as the Fast Forward F5R sits in the middle of the range of profiles made by the company and is therefore extremely versatile, being used in a variety of riding conditions, terrains and disciplines.

It has a 50 mm rim depth and is available with the standard FFWD hub or the 240s or 190 ceramic DT Swiss hubs, which are some of the lightest available. With the last two models Aerolite spokes are used on the FFWD F5R with 20 on the front and 24 on the rear wheel.

For their profile they are very light wheels, coming in at 1422g giving them excellent acceleration properties, combined with an ability to maintain speed easily.

Specification summary for F5R

Superstiff High Tensile TC35 Carbon with a 50mm deep rim and FFWD decals under clear coat. Uses Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 20/24H in an aero blade design (0.9*2.3mm).
Lightweight with high fatigue-resistance and using DT Pro Lock Brass nipples.
FFWD hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and an Al7075 axle.
Weight: 575g front, 799g rear, 1374g for the F5R wheelset.

With a 240s hub this wheel also uses DT Aerolite spokes.

The 190 ceramic hub gives ceramic cartridge bearings with custom star ratchets and redesigned hub shells, also using DT Aerolite spokes.