Fulcrum Racing 1 Wheels

Fulcrum Racing 1

The Fulcrum Racing 1 wheel is a benchmark wheel at the top of the range for road racing and they can withstand heavy use whether for competition or long tours. The Racing 1 wheelset is designed for rapid response and acceleration, combining excellent stiffness and rigidity when off the saddle with aero spokes for low wind resistance.

The spokes on this wheel deserve further mention as they are made to avoid air vortexes by being of variable cross section, flatter near the rim. There is also double spoking on the Fulcrum Racing 1 rear wheel, which maintains stiffness while transferring some of the strain associated with standard spoking; this results in a wheel that will last longer under heavy and frequent loads.

You also benefit from dynamic balancing, which is the placement of weight in the manufacturing process, to counteract the rim joint, giving a balanced wheel for a smooth ride.

The wheel has oversized aluminium body and axle, with adjustable bearings and they are compatibility with other main drivetrain systems.

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Fulcrum Racing 1 Wheelset

Main specifications and features of the Racing 1 wheel

Oversized alloy hubs
Adjustable high precision bearings
High quality anodized black finish
26mm deep triple faced rim
Unique dynamic balancing on rim
No spoke holes in rim for stiffer wheel
Machined braking surface
Special aerodynamic alloy spoke 16 on front 20 on rear
Double spoking and crossed on the drive side for better stiffness
1570g per pair
Complete with skewers and wheel bags.

Summary of the reviews for Fulcrum Racing 1 wheels

You would expect at this price that this wheel from Fulrum would fulfil all its promise and from the reviews we've seen, this looks to be true.

In fact, you'll find quite a few rave reviews with the emphasis on the strength, rigidity and lateral stiffness of the Racing 1 wheel, resulting in accurate stable cornering and a great feeling of transmitting the maximum amount of energy into your speed.

The hubs come in for a special mention quite often as a result of their smoothness.

Of course, with this level of stability, you do feel the road quite a lot, in fact every bump according to a couple of owners. Perhaps a small price to pay if you're in serious competition though.

At 1610g its a little heavier than you might expect at the price, but this doesn't seem to have resulted in any negative reviews.

All in all it looks like it would take a very good rim to persuade the owners to change from the Fulcrum Racing 1 for their own uses.