Zipp 1080 Wheels

Zipp 1080 Wheel

Particularly for TT racers, the Zipp 1080 Wheel sets a top standard in aerodynamically optimised wheels with toroidal rims, through its proven results in wind tunnel testing.

It is designed to give maximum performance at more variable wind angles than the 808, giving significant time savings. Zipp quote over 30 seconds per hour faster times than the 404 and its both lighter and faster than a trispoke. This stakes its claim to be the fastest non-disc wheel worldwide.

There are both clincher and tubular versions of the Zipp 1080, using the company's carbon bridge technology and internal nipples for the spokes.

It features: 108mm deep dimpled rim, carbon bridge technology, special Silica Ceramic braking surface and controlled cooling technology to ensure perfect rim flatness. Spokes are 16/20 with internal nipples and the wheels weigh 774g front 894g on the rear.

The Zipp 1080 is available in front, rear and wheelsets and it is exclusively a tubular wheel.