About Cookies

Cookies are used widely throughout the web to help websites to function properly and to measure performance. All responsible websites should be clear about how they use cookies. This is our explanation.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file stored on your PC, when you visit certain web pages.

Examples of cookie use:

  • (1) To keep track of your shopping basket
  • (2) To see how visitors are using a website (e.g.testing special offers)
  • (3) To allow retailers to pay shopping partners who promote the retailer's products.
Safety of cookies

* Cookies can't damage your computer and they can’t do anything inside it.

* They are tiny, so they don’t take up any significant space.

Our cookies

Our site uses cookies like the examples in (2) and (3) above.

Performance tracking (like example 3)

When someone visits a retailer from our site, cookies are used to allow the retailer to know that the clicks and sales have come via our site.

This is generally known as a performance tracking cookie.

Without it, many websites would not work properly and retailers would not know where results were coming from.

How cookies are provided

In order to track accurately and reliably, these cookies are provided by professional third parties, known as affiliate networks. Clicks from our site go via one of their network servers, to the retailer. To read more about affiliate marketing the Internet Advertising Bureaux have a guide here: Performance Marketing Explained

Protection of your privacy

* These cookies do not store or pass on any identifiable personal information about you

* The cookies are not used for any sort of retargeted advertising ie. using this information to offer you other products or services.

Site analysis (like example 2)

We sometimes combine information from all our visitors’ cookies, to find out how people are using our site, so we can improve it.

This is known as "aggregate" information and is anonymous.

How to delete and block cookies

If you want to delete or block cookies you can do so using your browser settings. For more instructions on how to do this you can look at the guides on: AboutCookies.org

A list of our cookies and what they are used for...

Cookie Name Description
CFID An incremental number generated by our server. This is paired with CFTOKEN to identify your browser. It contains no personal information at all.
CFTOKEN A randomly generated number/character string. This is paired with CFID to identify your browser. It contains no personal information at all.
Explanation of CFID and CFTOKEN

The combination of these two cookies provides a unique identification for your browser. However it contains no information about you, unless you register or log-in.

There are two ways in which this is used depending on whether you are logged in or not logged in. See below.

Not logged in

Our server temporarily stores coded anonymous information about which pages you visited on our site, This allows us to:
* Recognise if you arrived from any of our promotions or adverts.
* Collect data on which products are clicked on the most/least.
* Identify which product clicks lead to sales at the retailer
This information is automatically deleted after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Logged in

The same uses as 'Not logged in'. Plus:
At registration any details you provide are associated with the CFID/CFTOKEN combination. When you log in, this allows our site to recognise you so you can make use of your selected site facilities. The log in information lasts while you are logged in, or until there is 20 minutes of inactivity.

aw1001 A third party affiliate network performance tracking cookie. The cookie will be the letters 'aw' followed by an id to represent our website.
Third party affiliate network performance tracking cookies. The cookie will be the letters 'wgdc', 'wgs' or 'wgc' followed by a number.