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In 2008 we thought cyclists should have their own dedicated shopping and comparison site, so we set up WheelHub.

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Power Meter Sale -
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Cycle parts manufacturers and brands


You can't really have a bicycle of any sort and not have heard of the Shimano brand. This manufacturer has expanded into many areas of cycle parts and products, but if you were to summarise their strengths, it would have to be in the area of drivetrain components such as the Shimano Ultegra, the range of Dura Ace Chainset products and the SLX Brake range.


The best known cycle products from Mavic are their wheels and rims, which cover road and mountain bike wheels all the way from lightweight cycle race wheels through to rigid, strong cross country and downhill racing. You can find the whole range in our Wheels & Rims section, including popular mid range race wheels and the range of carbon aero wheels in their various versions.


Both inside and outside competitive cycling circles, this is probably one of the best known and recognised bike brands, as they cover everything from budget level right up to international competition, both in road bike and mountain bike ranges. We cover around 20 of their most desirable models here: Cannondale Bikes


This company is also best known for its wheels but specifically for road race, time trial and triathlon wheels. These range from entry level wheels for leisure cycling and touring, to high specification track wheels. You can see the full range in our Wheels and Rims section.


If you take a look at the website, you will see that this company refere to their product range as speed weaponry and that just about sums up in the areas of cycling that the company aims at: namely road and track racing. They are probably best known for their wheel range which are available in a series of profiles, covering the whole range from hill climbing to track racing. Their other main strength is in their range of handlebars particularly Aerobars.


This could be one of the brands that you've seen in televised indoor track cycle races because the high profile Campagnolo wheels are very noticeable. The top wheels are disc type for maximum aerodynamic performance and the whole range is centred around lightweight cycle racing wheels. Their range is compared here: Campagnolo Wheels


This manufacturer is probably most famous for its range of mtb bikes which is vast, including the very top ranges of competitive hard-tail and full suspension bikes. We've listed a large number of the most popular models (around 30) and also included are their road bikes. You can find them all here: Kona Bikes


Although best known for SatNav in cars, Garmin also have the Edge range which is for sports use including cycling. They currently make the most advanced gps navigation for cyclists, but there are plenty of other models available as well. Compare the range in our cycle computers section.


In the area of cycle tyres, Schwalbe are probably the most popular and widely known tyre, whether for touring, leisure or competitive use on a road bike or mountain bike. The Schwalbe range contains some of the best selling cycle tyres on the market, including the Schwalbe Marathon, the Schwalbe Racing Ralph and the Schwalbe Nobby Nick. We compare the whole range in our Tyres section.


This name is most often seen on helmets at the top level of competition with the latest designs and also known for other accessories. As a result their helmet range is very popular and includes the high selling Giro Indicator and the Giro Atmos. You can find the whole range in our Clothing section under Cycle Helmets.