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In our bikes section you'll find hundreds of cycles from all the main bike manufacturers, ranging from basic models for commuting and leisure, all the way up to those seen in top cycling races and events such as the Tour de France and the Olympics.

We cover road, track and triathlon bikes, mountain bikes in all their forms (full suspension and hardtail), hybrid bikes, training bikes and BMX. We've searched the top cycle shops for New bikes and have also included our extensive Ebay listings, so you can find a selection of Used and New cycles for sale there.

Below you'll find a summary of some of the cycle brands and the types of bikes they produce.

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The most popular mountain bikes and road bikes at the top cycle shops

Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Bikes were one of the pioneers of aluminium framed bicycles, originally making racing and touring frames and then progressing onto mountain bikes.

You can now buy a huge selection of bikes from Cannondale comprising road bikes for race, triathlon and track together with both full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. There are also Cannondales for recreation, leisure and urban use including commuting.

If you want a cheap Cannondale Bike you can start at around £400 for a road bike and £300 for an mtb, while for the serious competitor, prices can top out at several thousand pounds.

Kona Bikes

If you wondered where Kona got some of their unusual bike names from, the answer is the language of Hawaii. The names seem to suit especially the range of Kona mountain bikes for sale, for which they are probably best known.

The comprehensive range means you can buy a Kona MTB for cross country, downhill, freeride, cyclocross, dirt jumping and just about any other mountain bike activity you can imagine.

If you buy a budget Kona bike, prices start at around £400, but the top racing models reach up to around £4000. They also make a range of road bikes, perhaps lesser known in the UK.

Trek Bikes

When its cycle business started off, Trek bikes concentrated on making custom steel frames for top end touring in the 70's., moving into the road racing bike market in the 80's. Shortly after that the range extended to Trek mountain bikes. In the same decade, the company also started producing bonded aluminium frames and carbon composite bikes.

In the 1990's Trek moved into full carbon framed bikes making some of the lightest road and mtb frames ever seen. Ths has now resulted in a large range of Trek bikes available across all cycle disciplines, particularly in the highest levels of competition, including WSD bikes, specifically designed for women.

While there are cheap or budget Trek bikes available, their reputation is established mainly within the competitive and serious cycling community.

Specialized Bikes

When it comes to mountain bikes, Specialized Bikes were instrumental in bringing them into first major production and have continued to make both full suspension and hardtail mtb's for cross country, freeride, downhill and recreational use.

You'll also see Specialized road bikes in triathlon, endurance and other areas of competition, including the well known Roubaix sportiv road bike.

The range of bikes runs all the way from budget Specialized bikes up to those used for high level competition, including along the way some hybrid, commuting and training bikes that use plenty of the Specialized bike technology to give them that extra quality over and above a standard production bike.

Scott Bikes

Although you can now see Scott Bikes in all areas of cycling, they originally started off as a ski products brand, making their first mountain bike in the 1980's. Since then there have been many Scott cycles often featuring innovations in suspension and a constant desire for weight reduction which has resulted in some of the lightest mtb's and road bikes in production.

At the highest level of competition, Scott bikes are known for their carbon frame and component technology and this has for instance resulted in one of the lightest triathlon bikes. This has been helped by their development of lightweight suspension, which is one of the most critical areas for weight reduction on a bike.

Bianchi Bikes

If you're interested in the history of bikes then Bianchi Bikes are one of the oldest names in the business, making bikes way back in 1885 in Milan. The Bianchi name features in the victories of many cycling champions and to this day the company make bikes for the highest levels of cycling competition in road and mountain biking.

Rather than making a huge range of bikes, Bianchi concentrate their efforts into producing the best bike for a particular purpose and that includes both womens, mens and junior bikes for mountain biking, commuting and leisure use, with a good helping of traditional design combined with the latest technology derived from the competition bikes.

Bianchi seem to aim for a mix of technology and practicality, so that whatever your level of cycling, you can find a suitable Bianchi bike.

Felt Bikes

Although it seems unlikely, the origins of Felt Bikes are in Motocross and essentially driven by a desire for speed which is how the first frame came about for time trial and triathlon, actually being used by a driver to keep fit and train. In 2001 Felt Bikes was established and now they produce a large range of top models for all type of cycling with an emphasis on competition.

For that reason, you'll find track, triathlon, road and mountain bikes which for the most part don't include budget models. Currently Felt bikes have also stayed out of the commuter, hybrid and leisure bike market apart from producing some very fast fixed speed bikes.