Cannondale mountain bikes and road bikes

Summary of popular Cannondale bike models for trail and road use

Over the years, Cannondale have developed a large range of bikes covering all types of cycling at levels from beginner right up to success in top competitive National and International events.

However, we'll start here with one of the most well known bikes which is actually an urban / commuter bike.

Cannondale Bad Boy

This bike has quite a history of looking cool and the Bad Boy style is still based around its all black colour, although its moved in popularity froma street bike to being equally desireable as a commuter bike.

Its now available in several models starting at around £400 and going all the way to £2000+, incorporating a lefty fork on quite a few. So if you like the look, the Cannondale Bad Boy has enough variety for most budget options.

Cannondale Rush

If you want a marathon mtb, then the availability of the Cannondale Rush gives you choices between aluminium and carbon frames in a price range from around £1500 to £2500.

As you might expect, although the metal frame is a very stable and able base, the carbon frame is that bit more stiff and stable and also features more technically advanced components like a lefty fork and single pivot rear suspension.

For long rides on all manner of trails, the Cannondale Rush in either form is an attractive bike, with the carbon models being very light in addition and good climbers as a result.

Cannondale Scalpel

Next in the list of mountain bikes is this cross country racer which has a very good and long reputation. The Scalpel is no doubt at the top end of the mtb range at a starting price around £2500, rising to £6000 for the 'Team' version.

This cross country bike is known to love singletrack, with excellent control and accuracy on the technical sections combined with stunning ability to negotiate climbs predictably.

As there has been plenty of feedback from world xc racers, its not surprising to find the Cannondale Scalpel sitting at or near the top of many cross country specialists buy lists.

Cannondale Caad9

This bike is aimed at long distance road rides in all weathers and as such the Caad9 provides a responsive but balanced ride. As usual there is a range of models; these are mainly based on variations in gearing specification, so the price range isn't too wide. Around £900-£1500 covers the bikes available.

Although this bike is not built for out and out racing, its not exactly a slowcoach either, so the Cannondale Caad9 will suit anyone from enthusiastic leisure riders through touring to competitive road cyclists on a training run. Plus its all delivered in a classic, calm style.

Cannondale Synapse

Now we get onto a performance road bike thats also designed not to batter you on a long ride as some racers might do. Although the Synapse is rigid enough and strong enough to respond rapidly to all sorts of racing pressures, its been designed successfully to give a smooth ride.

This is partly due to several vibration damping components like the seatposts. The bike is made to be used by a wide range of riders as well, because you can get it in seven sizes, making the Cannondale Synapse a very popular choice in road racing bikes for longer distances.

Cannondale Six

For those who are starting off in road racing this is a very good entry level bike and is also available in different specifications if you're more demanding. One of its best points is its strength and together with stability the Cannondale Six is able to take the physical strain that larger and stronger riders might give it.

At the same time it also gives a smooth ride even at speed, evening out bumps on the road and also capable of a good ride quality on a dirt track. As a result of its weight, the basic Six suits longer distances rather than rapid speed changing events, but the top Cannondale Six Carbon models are lighter and true speed machines.

Cannondale Slice

When it comes to pure speed for time trials and triathlons this bike is at the very top and you'll find plenty of success stories online for the Cannondale Slice. A lightweight aerodynamically tested all carbon frame is complemented by high profile wheels and a super stiff performance with no noticeable flex on fork or bracket.

The whole bike has been put together with attention to many details to reduce wind drag and its apparent that the Slice will have incorporated the whole area of technical race knowledge built up by the company's triathletes and time triallers.