Kona mountain bikes, freeride, downhill, trail and road bikes

Summary of some popular models in the Kona Bike range

It could be said that Kona have the coolest range of names for bikes, particularly for dirt jump, freeride, cross country and trail, with the Stinky, Stuff, Shred and Blast models.

On this page, you'll find a summary of some of the most popular Kona mountain bikes and a few road bikes as well. However, there's a vast range of bikes available and whatever your needs in mountain bikes, whether for leisure use or serious competition, there will be something in the range for you to consider.

As mountain bikes are Kona's strength, we'll start with those...

Kona Stinky

A hugely popular freeride bike over the years, the Kona Stinky is frequently upgraded. As an example of innovation, recently this has meant a new rear brake system in the Kona Stinky Deluxe, designed to get rid of brake jack by making it independent of the full suspension movement, so when you brake hard, the rear bike suspension doesn't engage.

Kona Stuff

This is a bike from the kids dirt jump range and as you might expect the Kona Stuff is extremely tough. Its quite a heavy bike which means that although it can be a challenge uphill or on longer pedalling, it comes into its own downhill and on drops and landings the Kona Stuff gives loads of control and confidence.

Plus kids generally reckon its a pretty cool bike design !

Kona Kula

If you're into cross country mountain bike racing, then the Kona Kula is from exactly the right range and is another well known bike, having originally been one of the first hardtails for singletrack use. Its a bit heavier than some of its rivals, but in practice its design makes it a winner when you actually get down to riding it.

In particular the Kona Kula lifts easily over steps and rocks, its easy to tweak onto changing lines around corners and for the travel, its surprisingly good on descents.

Kona Shred

This is another all purpose kids bike although the Kona Shred is supposedly a jumper and its therefore very strong. Its versatility is helped by the full length frame, choice of gears and tyres, making it feel like a mountain bike more than a BMX variation.

If you are into only one type of cycling activity, then the Kona Shred is a compromise in some areas, but if you like variety in your rides, you'll understand its popularity is because of all the options for having fun wherever and whatever you're doing.

Kona Blast

This is one of the best entry level bikes when it comes to trail riding. The Kona Blast is a hardtail bike put together on a strong frame with good stability and is also made to climb well. it

Like many bikes from this manufacturer, it comes with a great mix of bike components that all complement each other, making the Kona Blast ready to go out of the box.

Kona Dawg

For all mountain bike versatility the Kona Dawg takes some beating and will see most riders through all sorts of trail riding while having great fun and enjoyment. You could be scrambling up banks, pedalling over rocks and roots or on a steep downhill ride and the Kona Dawg would take it all in its stride, giving you a balanced and responsive ride. Its also upgradeable.

Kona Jake

When it comes to Cyclocross, here's a bike with some history behind it as the Kona Jake is named after one of Kona's founders and is an ideal entry level bike.

Because of its many size options is also used for commuting, touringand basically any other cycling you fancy, while also being able to take the abuse that it might get in a cyclocross event. The bike is built for practicality and reliability, being able to take both mtb and road slick tyres. If you want to buy a solid feeling bike that will cope with most activities you throw at it, the Kona Jake is well worth a look.

Kona Dew

If you need a bike for commuting and general leisure then the Kona Dew could well fit the bill as an entry level model, although its light enough to do distance rides on tarmac as well. Everything on it is designed for ease of use and the straight handlebars make a big safety and confidence difference in traffic.

Although quite cheap and some might say a budget model, the Kona Dew rides and handles like some more costly bikes which accounts for its good ratings and reviews amongst owners.