Rockshox Suspension and Forks

Summary of popular MTB suspension forks from the RockShox range

For cyclists into mountain biking the name Rockshox will be very familiar as they are one of the best-known suppliers of MTB forks. In this section we have a brief introduction to the brand and some information about the most popular Rockshox suspension forks on the market. (Interestingly, this brand is actually owned by SRAM).

As with most forks for mountain biking there is considerable overlap between the possible applications of the different Rockshox models, of course this is mainly due to the different cycling conditions that can be found on any mountain bike trail, whether uphill, downhill, dry or muddy.

On this page you will also find a brief introduction to the various technologies used by Rockshox, to introduce different levels of performance into their shops.

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Rockshox technology

Here are the main common technology terms that you will see used in the different Rockshox forks. Firstly Dual Air is a reference to the positive and negative air spring chambers which are independently adjustable. Dual Flow adjust refers to an externally adjustable start and end rebound on the independent damping circuits. This allows the tuning of the suspension in response to small bumps and big impacts.

XX Motion Control is a general reference to the tuning system used on Rockshox forks, including tunable compression and remote hydraulic adjustment and lockout. If you see BlackBox mentioned this is an additional facility which allows separate return speeds for big and small hits using dual flow damping.

Air U-turn is used on the higher level Rockshox suspension models and allows 30 mm of travel adjustment using an external knob, with the spring rate adjusting automatically to give a consistent feel.

General model naming

In general if you see Race used in a description then that is the basic Rockshox model, with a higher specification forks usually having different letters, the word Team or WC (World Cup) being at the top of the model ranges.

Rockshox Revelation

This has been a very popular MTB Trail fork for several years, especially in its 426 form which is well known for reliability, easy adjustment and generally good, adaptable performance on all sorts of trails. It's available in dual air, U-turn and team versions and is towards the top end of the Rockshox range.... Where to buy + prices

Rockshox Reba

This is both a cross-country and light trail fork although it was originally aimed at the XC market. It's available in race and team dual air versions, together with a World Cup and XX model as well; this is a mid-range priced fork which according to reviews behaves like a much more expensive one.... Where to buy + prices

Rockshox Pike

This is a mid-range fork, very popular with Trail Riders and available in air or coil spring versions. Like its higher specification relative, the revelation, the Pike has a great reliability record and is also very versatile being able to take most mountain biking in its stride.... Where to buy + prices

Rockshox Recon

If you are looking for an entry-level fork from Rockshox for all mountain use then the Recon is worth a look as it has the pedigree of many of the other models without the pricetag. This fork is a good choice for racers who will also be sprinting on road surfaces, as you can simply turn the fork off with the Poploc lever.... Where to buy + prices

Rockshox Tora

If you are on a budget and are looking for an entry-level fork then this solid fork from Rockshox also are as great reliability and a surprising level of performance considering its price. It is quite a heavy fork but of course that is what you would expect at this level; however the overall performance in terms of security, stiffness, strength and reliability puts it a level above many similar entry-level suspension forks.... Where to buy + prices