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You'll find everything to do with mountain bike wheels and cycle wheels for road use here, whether you're touring or competing. We've listed all the main manufacturers' in separate sections and included a brief summary of the brands. Some of these specialise in wheels for particular areas of competitive cycling.

We've also put together two guides to help you choose cycle wheels:

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Reviews of the top cycle wheel brands


The range of wheels from Mavic covers entry level road racing and mountain bike wheels, through to mid-price competitive level performance products. So you'll find wheels like the popular Mavic Kysrium which is an upgrade to many bike-supplied wheels and the R-Sys, which is a higher level road performance wheel.

In MTB wheels, you'll find the Crossmax in different versions for cross country biking, including a World Cup winning model. Also for rougher biking, like downhill you'll find the Deemax.


These wheels cover road racing in all its forms, including those for triathlons and time trials. The range of Campagnolo wheels runs from entry level prices right up to ultimate high-tech designs for top competition demands.

They also specialise in aerodynamics and their wheels range in profile from the 'standard' low profile road wheels, through medium profile, to high profile and ultimately track wheels.

The Campagnolo Neutron is the entry level low profile, very lightweight road wheel with the Hyperon being a carbon high performance tubular. There is a comprehensive collection in the mid range from £120 to £800 a wheelset, with the Zonda probably the biggest seller.

There is also an entry level high profile wheel in the Pista model, but these wheels are for very serious competition and the two other models, the Ghibli and the Bora cost significantly more than £1000 a set.


These wheels are for serious speed and somewhat specialised road and track competition, all with increased profiles for strength, responsiveness and aerodynamic benefits. There are also some subtle differences between the models, also allowing for riders of different physiques.

Probably the most popular because of its versatility is the Zipp 404 which can be seen in road, triathlon and track races. For time trials and triathlons the Zipp 808 with an 81mm depth is a more likely candidate, although its also been used successfully in road races. For increased durability in road races, many competitors also consider the 303 with its widened rim width.


The range of Fulcrum Wheels covers road racing with low profile models from the entry level Fulcrum Racing 7 through the mid-priced Fulcrum Racing 3, up to the Racing 1 which is the lightest.

Beyond that and the wheels move into high performance competition with higher profiles in the Racing Zero, Light and Speed versions, with the last two being particularly used in sprints and uphill races.