Campagnolo Wheels, Wheelsets, Rims and Hubs

Guide to the Campagnolo Wheel range

Campagnolo have a big reputation which extends all the way up to Olympic level in track competition. However, they also make entry level road wheels using some of the technology used in the higher performing wheels.

The wheels made by Campagnolo are divided into areas depending on their profile and into performance levels within each profile. (A wheels profile refers to the rim depth; so a high profile wheel has deeper rim depth and shorter spokes than a low profile wheel).

We've divided the wheels into these profiles: Low.. Medium.. High

Generally the high profile wheels are designed for aerodynamic performance to give rapid acceleration, while the low profile Campagnolo wheels are designed for low rotating mass. Both are quite specialised, with the medium profile wheels for more varied use.

As with other wheel manufacturers, you'll pay more for less weight, increased strength and rigidity, except for the high profile wheels where you pay for aero design.

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Low profile Campagnolo wheels

These wheels are for competition where low rotating mass is important. That means for long hard climbs, rapid changes in pace and where you need to conserve energy for endurance. They also absorb road surface vibration well.

Price ranges (per wheelset)

Neutron £400
Neutron Ultra £550
Hyperon Ultra two tubular £1800
Hyperon Ultra two clincher £2500

Neutron clincher

At a weight of 1550g this is a wheel for time trials and very long rides. Its been designed to avoid lateral flex, which is likely when you are off the saddle and pushing hard. It features asymmetrical drilling on the rear rim, variable section aero spokes, polygonal rim with welded joint and machined sides. Front and rear rims are differentiated with oversize light alloy hubs.... Where to buy & prices

Neutron Ultra

This is a version of the Neutron, but with reduced weight at 1470g, achieved through modifying the bridge and walls of the rim and the use of carbon fibre hubs.... Where to buy & prices

Hyperon Ultra two Tubular

At only 1220g this is an ultra lightweight wheel made completely from carbon fibre and which uses tubular tyres. They also have ceramic bearings for smoothness and the combination gives a Campagnolo wheel which is made for long life. There are differentiated front / rear rims and spokes and dynamic balancing to give the best weight distribution across the wheel.... Where to buy & prices

Hyperon Ultra two Clincher

A bit of a breakthrough wheel, in that it has taken considerable research to adapt the all carbon Hyperon to take a clincher tyre instead of tubular. It comes in slightly heavier at 1350g, but when you take a lighter tyre into account its not such a problem. It comes with the rest of the top wheel design characteristics of the Hyperon.... Where to buy & prices

Medium profile Campagnolo wheels

These are wheels for multipurpose road use and as well as clincher, they also feature options for tubular tyre use. Campagnolo have also included their own G3 spoking technology, which increases torsional and flexing strength.

Price ranges (per wheelset)

Khamsin £110
Vento £160
Scirocco £230
Zonda £370
Eurus £590 (2-way:£630)
Shamal £730 (2-way:£800)


An entry level wheel for everyday general road use and perhaps an initial competition or two. Weight is 1895g per wheelset.... Where to buy & prices


With this wheel from Campagnolo, you start to find some more sophisticated technology included, such as variable section spokes, dynamic balancing and a reduced weight at 1755g. There is increased strength and rigidity due to a larger flange size on the rear.... Where to buy & prices


These are in the middle price/performance area with a 24mm rim profile using spokes with variable aerodynamic section, which use G3 spoking on the rear and radial on the front. The wheels have dynamic balancing and oversize hubs with high precision bearings, with machined rim sides. Weight comes in at 1725g.... Where to buy & prices


At a reduced 1610g for a wheelset, Campagnolo have made these wheels a significant step up from the Scirocco and they are in the more serious competitive bracket. The front and rear rims have differentiated profiles to fit them to their required workload ie. light and steerable for the front and radial rigidity for the rear. You can also do without rim tape because they also have undrilled top bridges.... Where to buy & prices


Campagnolo have knocked off some more weight on this wheelset at 1550g, making them a contender for competitive ascents, whether just for hill climbs or within longer testing rides, where weight is an energy sapper. The profile is 26mm front and 30mm on the rear wheel, with differentiated spoking as you would expect. At this level, there is also the 2-way fit option for tubular or clincher tyres.... Where to buy & prices


This wheel incorporates the best technological advances developed by Campagnolo and weighs only 1395g. It has carbon hubs with aluminium flanges, toroidal grinding removes weight from the rims inbetween spokes and is available in clincher, tubular or 2-way fit versions. There are also variable section aluminium aero spokes, differentiated between front and rear wheels.... Where to buy & prices

High profile Campagnolo wheels

Here we feature the Pista, Ghibli and Bora wheels, designed primarily for low aerodynamic resistance, which is the limiting factor in transferring the maximum energy from the cyclist into speed in the shortest time.

Price ranges (per wheelset)

Pista £550
Ghibli £1700
Bora £2000


This is a pure track wheel designed to pass the fire power of top track cyclists straight into speed, with the minimum of flexing or torsional loss. Rim height is 38mm giving excellent aero performance, together with stainless steel spokes with aero profile, 20 on the front and 24 on the rear. Total wheelset weight is 2105g.... Where to buy & prices


This is a top disc wheel, total wheelset weight of 1950g, but more importantly the convex lens style profile reduces air resistance to a minimum. Aramid fibres from aerospace technology are used on the rim to increase rigidity and the wheel uses steel track axles and aluminium hub bodies.... Where to buy & prices


This Campagnolo wheel is at the top of the time trial and triathlon performance range for aerodynamic wheels and features a 50mm rim profile. Hubs are carbon fibre with ceramic bearings and spokes are variable section stainless steel. Weight is only 1305g, giving a light wheel with great rigidity for transfer of power into speed.... Where to buy & prices