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Bike Blogs

We'll be looking around the net to find some of the best and most informative blogs online whether they cover road cycling, triathlon, mtb, leisure or touring. We guess there'll also be a few funny and entertaining ones as well ! More...

Here's our current Cycling Bloglist...

  • Bicycle Design.. V. interesting and long standing blog by an industrial designer.
  • Bike Hugger.. Well known and informative blog covering the whole world of bike as we know it.
  • Chain Gang Cycle Tours.. Well written company blog on various escorted cycle tours both in the UK and abroad.
  • Cycling England (DOT).. Useful Department of Transport site / blog for latest research on cycle use and development around the UK. Covers all sorts and well written.
  • All sorts of tips and useful articles on cycling and training from someone who has done most of it !
  • Guardian bike blog.. Active blog with equally active readers judging by the number of comments on posts. Thought provoking.
  • London Cycle Chic.. Entertaining and slightly tongue in cheek blog for the Cycle Chic business.
  • Moving Target.. Online blog for London's bicycle messengers.
  • Real Cycling.. This is a really entertaining and often funny blog about all sorts cycling, with a biting seriousness often underneath.
  • Rob Enslin's training blog.. Competitive Road and MTB cyclist's blog with lots of useful information and thoughts on training.
  • the ubiquitous blog.. Thoughtful and thought-provoking blog, including some hard and useful research facts about road use, cars and cycling.
  • Tredz Talk.. The blog for the Tredz cycle business - includes some really useful technical and event information.