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These are some of her favourite tricks - hope you find the information useful. There are some quite unusual causes of punctures here More...
Being stranded on your bike isn't much fun and it happened to a group of us twice earlier this year, for different reasons. On both occasions the issue was the perishing of rubber, once on an inner tube and once on a tyre.

No, they weren't years old, as far as we know More...

Its easy to get yourself lit up like one of those cross-channel truckers using all sorts of flashing lights. Plus it doesn't cost you that much either, so increased safety in the dark evenings of winter is within most people's grasp.

At least, in terms of being seen by others. However, if you are riding on your own down a darkish lane, it can be a different matter... More...

Just recently in our area there have been a spate of pedestrian reservations installed by our council to help cross difficult roads and to act as traffic calming measures.

If you haven't come across these, they are a small kerbed area in the middle of busy roads, that's wide enough to take a pushchair.

Some of the reason for these is also that traffic flow can be maintained, whereas another pelican crossing just makes matters worse.

However, they are pretty scary for cyclists, especially if the road was not that wide in the first place. Perhaps a bit of redesign would help.. More...