Avid Juicy5 Disc Brakes

Avid Juicy5 Brakes

Juicy 5 Brakes from Avid are intended for use for all mountain and cross country. Its a straightforward, rock-solid brake. It's got Juicy Power, control, dependability and Split Clamp design that allows you to change levers without moving the grips, or to use our new Matchmaker clamp.

Finish: Aero Silver, Special Features: Tri-Align Calliper Positioning System, Power Reserve Geometry, Ambidextrous, Split-Clamp/Matchmaker compatible, Drip free bleeding, Rotor Sizes: 160mm, 185mm and 203mm, Rotor Design: New G2 Clean Sweep, Mounts: Front both I.S. and Post mount, Rear - Fits I.S. only, Weight: 428g.