Avid Juicy7 Disc Brakes

Avid Juicy7 Brakes

The Avid Juicy 7 is the next step up from the Juicy 5 in hydraulic brakes and is used for all mountain and cross country. Its the original that cured uneven contact onto the rotor with an aluminium Pad Contact-Point adjustment and a new G2 rotor. Speed Dial allows you tools-free adjustment of where the pad contact occurs - the perfect balance. Now, with a simple flick of the finger, you can tune the contact to the exact point you like [and the exact point that fits your hand], right on the trail.

Finish: Graphite Grey, Special Features: Aluminium Speed Dial knob, Pad Contact-Point Adjustment, Tri-Align Calliper Position System, Power Reserve Geometry, Ambidextrous, Split Clamp/Matchmaker Compatible, Drip-free bleeding, Rotor Design: New G2 Clean Sweep, Mounts: Front - Fits both I.S. and Post mount, Rear - Fits I.S. only, Weight: 420g. Rotor Sizes: 160mm,185mm, 203mm.