Pro Vibe Handlebars

Pro Vibe Handlebars

The Pro Vibe 7S Handlebar 2008 is a lightweight and strong aluminium road racing drop bar, for oversized 31.8 mm clamp diameter to reduce flex under load. The aluminium is 7075 as used in the aircraft industry for lightweight, strong and rigid components.

Further rigidity is given by the 31.8 mm diameter being carried across the top of the bar, keeping the strength where it is needed and reducing the wall thickness where vital grams can be saved. The anatomic design gives a comfortable choice of handlebar positions.

There's a single recessed groove cable routing and the bar weights from 285 grams.

There is also the Pro Vibe monocoque carbon bar which is the ultimate pro level handlebar as used by the top Pro Tour professionals. Construction is full one piece carbon fibre monocoque construction gives a lightweight and stiff handlebar with a stem of 31.8 mm. The oversized design further increases strength and stiffness. It has a traditional round bend shape and a centre-to-centre height of 131 mm, with dual recessed groove cable routing to give an average weight of 215g.

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