Ritchey Carbon Road Handlebars

Ritchey Carbon Road Handlebars

These are the Ritchey Carbon Road bars, starting with the Pro Carbon Logic which has an ergonomic shape and R50 bend for comfort and easy hand positions. The extended 31.8mm centre section is compatible with clip-on bars and the weight comes in at 260g.

Next is the Ritchey Pro Carbon Matrix which uses carbon alloy technology to give a road bar with an excellent strength to weight ratio. TRX-50 alloy is used for the inner form, combined with a carbon shell for exceptional toughness and strength. Drop is 135mm and weight is 260g.

The Ritchey WCS Carbon Classic Handlebar has monocoque construction to maximise the carbon strength and is oversized at 31.8mm centre section to increase strength and rigidity. The textured stem and shifter clamp areas reduce risk of slippage and the drop shape is round as liked by racers and traditionalists. A deep groove is present to hide cables and the weight is 215g.

The next bar is the Ritchey WCS Carbon Evolution SL Handlebar, which is a superlight version of the popular Evolution bar, with carbon monocoque construction and smooth transition lines to levers. There's a moderate drop for quick access down low and an ergonomic upper section with 3 degree back-sweep. The centre section is extended at 31.8mm and is compatible with clip-on aero bars, with the stem and brake lever mount sections sanded, for no-slip component grip. The 38cm width has shorter 75mm reach for smaller riders. Weights are 190g for the Evo SL and 220g for the Evo.

The Ritchey WCS Logic bar is the latest version of the well known Logic bar featuring carbon monocoque construction and extended 31.8mm center section compatible with clip on aero bars. Textured stem and shifter clamp areas reduce risk of slippage. R65 bend allows for more forearm clearance while sprinting. There's a 2 degree flare on drops and a deep groove hides cables. Weight is 190g.

The Ritchey WCS Carbon Streem Handlebar has monocoque construction to maximise the carbon strength, with aerodynamic profile and more surface on top of the bar to hold onto when climbing. Centre section is oversize 31.8mm with textured stem and shifter clamp areas. There are 6 degree swept-back tops, 2 degree flare on drops for a more comfortable riding position and a deep groove to hide cables. Weight is 230g.

Lastly the Ritchey WCS Hammerhead Carbon TT Bar has full carbon base bar construction and fits all 31.8mm stems with a wide range of adjustments for reach and armrest width. The rests use superlight foam and the carbon extensions are available in S-bend and straight.

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