Scott Road, Mountain and Triathlon Bikes

Here are some details of the popular models in the Scott bike range

This manufacturer makes one of the most balanced ranges of bikes, covering riders who are just starting out, all the way through to full competition. Included in the Scott range of bikes are road race, triathlon, MTB trail, all mountain, downhill, free ride and dirt jump bikes.

Cthehoosing the right budget level is quite easy with Scott bikes, because each competitive level bike has its own name and for each bike the entry level bike has the highest number and the top-level competitive bike has the lowest number. So for instance the Scott Scale 80 is an entry-level MTB race bike and the Scale 10 is the top bike in that model.

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Scott Scale

If you are choosing a mountain bike hard tail for racing then the Scott Scale models should give you a good range of choice. Currently there are 10 models in this range starting with the Scale 80 at around £600 all the way up to the Scott scale 10 at around £3000 and then the special RC and Limited models.

As you might expect the differences between the models is mainly to specifications of the components and the most basic change is in the frame, with the Scott Scale 80 constructed with an alloy frame and this is used all the way through to the Scott Scale 40, but then with the 35 and upwards a carbon frame is used.

Also you will find that the weight of the various models decreases generally as you pay more starting at 12.5 kg and with the scale 10 at a much lower 9.3 kg.

Scott Spark

For MTB racing with a full suspension bike the Scott Spark range gives you almost as much choice as for hard tail. This range starts with the Scott Spark 60 for around £1000 and goes up to the Spark 10 for around £3500, again with the special models: RC and limited at the very top end of the range.

In a similar way to the hard tail bikes this range changes the level of specification as you pay more. Alloy frames change to carbon frames when you get to the Scott Spark 35.

At the top of the range the Scott engineers use their newest technology in carbon frame production with a single step process to produce the top tube, head tube and down tube. This gives a unique weight to stiffness ratio.

Scott Genius

For any sort of trail rider who needs ultimate versatility, the Scott Genius range fulfils all sorts of demands. That includes use for marathons, multi-day stage races and trails that might demand a wide variety of travel settings; as it is the ability to change these that give this bike it's wide appeal. A large range from 95mm to 150mm is available in this full suspension bike.

As with the other mountain bikes from Scott the Genius is available in both Alloy and Carbon frames, with the Genius 30 model being the first of the carbon framed bikes.

Prices for the Scott Genius range from around £1700 for the Genius 60 up to £4000 for the Genius 10. There is also a Limited model.

Scott Voltage

The Scott Voltage has a geometry that is specifically designed for dirt and street riding. The combination of this design with seriously large hydroformed tubes lets you move your bike around on jumps and rail berms easily.

There are a variety of specifications in the Voltage YZ range for whatever rides you take part in, these bikes are all between a price of around £300 and £500. At the top of the range there are some more specialised single speed bikes: the 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and the Limited model.

As you move up the range changes are progressively in the drivetrain, fork, brakes, rims and tyres as you might expect; for instance the Scott Voltage YZ 15 uses Shimano Alivio derailleurs with Tektro Acera brakes and an RST Fork.

Scott CR1

For those who need serious performance in a road bike the Scott CR1 range provides five bikes with different specifications. These start with the Comp model at around £1000, progressing all the way up to the start CR1 SL which costs around £5000. Inbetween these you will find the Team, Elite and Pro models.

These bikes are just one step below the very top professional bikes used in the Tour and while having excellent lateral stiffness they have also been designed to be more comfortable than pure race bikes. This is partly a result of Scott using their own shock damping system on their seat stays and the fork.

The riding position geometry has also been designed to give a somewhat more comfortable position than a pure race frame.

Scott Speedster

If you are looking for a bike to start you off in road racing then the Scott Speedster range is one to consider. You can start at the Speedster S50 at around £600, with improving specifications all the way up to the Speedster S10 at around £1300.

These bikes are designed to be light and efficient, using established geometry to give great road handling, while also providing reasonable comfort.

The Scott Speedster range uses alloy frames, with the technical specifications of the drivetrain the brakes and the hubs increasing as you move up the range. Carbon components also play their part with the handlebars and the seatpost in the top models.

Scott Addict

If it is out and out competition that interests you, then the Scott Addict is possibly one of THE bikes to choose from. The models start at the Addict R4 at around £1600 and progress all the way up to the Addict R1 and RC bikes where you will pay in excess of £5000.

As you might expect these are all carbon bikes with an amazingly light frame weighing around 800 g. The differences between the models are as usual in the drivetrain, so for instance the Scott Addict R1 uses DuraAce components, including the braking system.

The range comes with significant pedigree having been used for climbing, sprinting and high-speed descents by Team Columbia and as such, it is also a bike that is very well known to Mark Cavendish !