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Compulsory Clackers for Kids bikes

There's an ongoing problem with kids cycling on pavements at speed without bells, or if they have one they don't use it. As a result, there's a constant stream of complaints to councils from harrassed pedestrians.

One council has decided to do something about it by approaching a local technology college to design a new version of the old clacker that kids used to attach to their forks to make a motor noise.

Its anticipated that the clackers will carry favourite characters or celebrities from TV, Film or Music to attract the kids and that it might be possible to attract advertising revenues from the copyright owners, who may also like being associated with a safety campaign.

The new clacker is expected to be one piece and possibly available to produce different sound effects.

A spokesman commented: This will certainly bring a new meaning to the phrase "going like the clackers". Very droll.

If successful, the council are hoping not to have to make it compulsory and that the clackers will prove popular anyway.