RockShox SID Fork

RockShox SID Fork

The Rockshox SID suspension forks are all serious competition products, from the standard Race and Team models to the World Cup models.

The straightforward Race fork is 80mm or 100mm Dual Air, featuring: 80/100mm travel will all travel adjust, 1475g (3.25 lbs), Dual Air spring, Air pressure spring adjust via dual Schrader valves, Motion Control damping and damping adjust External Rebound, low speed compression to 'Lock' with external floodgate.

Rockshox SID Team fork has been redesigned with new chassis using: 32mm upper tubes making the New SID as stiff as a Reba World Cup, Magnesium lower legs, Power Bulges for durability around the lower bushing area, Dual Air, Black Box Motion control, External rebound, low speed compression to Lock with external Floodgate, Crown is Forged AL66 TV, Steerer tube custom Aluminium 1450g.

Top model Rockshox SID World Cup Dual Air features: 100mm travel, All Travel adjust, 1460g (3.22 lbs), Dual Air Spring, adjust via Air pressure via dual Schrader valves, BlackBox Motion Control damping, adjust External Rebound, low speed compression to 'Lock' with external floodgate, Dual Flow Rebound, Carbon Power Bulges, PushLoc / PopLoc, compatible, Sag gradients on upper tubes, UPGRADE: Over Team - Carbon Power Bulges.

Results for RockShox SID Fork include the following models and versions:

The SID fork come in these varieties:
RockShox SID Race
Rockshox Sid Team
RockShox Sid World Cup
Rockshox SID XX World Cup
Pushloc is an option on some models.