Easton Wheels and Wheelsets

The main range of wheels available from Easton covers road and track use from an entry level up to top performance specifications, in different profiles. They also make a smaller range of mountain bike wheels.

In all cases the Easton wheels are hand built, reflecting their relatively specialist range of products for cycling. There are both clincher and tubular versions available and it is quite easy to identify the type of wheel from its code.

All Easton products start with an E, with the following letter indicating an alloy or carbon structure with an A or a C. The number that follows then indicates the model, with 50 being the entry level and 90 being the top specification.

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Technology in use in Easton wheels

An important aspect of these wheels is that Easton design their own hubs nipples and rims, therefore maintaining complete control over the end result.

You will see twin thread technology mentioned and this refers to the spokes being screwed directly into the hub on the Easton wheels, avoiding potential weakness in elbows.

The hubs are currently the R-series, having been designed to allow the cassette body to be changed to Shimano or Campagnolo, with fully adjustable bearings.

All wheels go through rigourous testing while being built, including sonic measuring of spoke tension and the final product is given an ID number with its build statistics.

EA50 and EA50 SL

These are the entry level road wheels from Easton, with the SL having double butted spokes.

EA 70, EA70 SL and EA70 X

This is the next level up in specification with the SL having an increased rim depth and the X being a tubular version.

EA90 and EC90 wheel versions

These are the top wheeled models from Easton and include five clinchers and five tubulars in carbon and with profiles up to 90mm. They cover the different cycling disciplines including road race, time trials and track in a range of top performance specifications.

XC Two

This is Easton's entry-level MTB wheel, available in 26 inch and 29 inch models.

XC One

There are four versions of this wheel all catering for cross-country racing and trail riding, in a 26 inch and a 29 inch version, including single speed hubs.


There are two versions of the Havoc MTB wheel, one of them specifically for downhill racing and both of them designed to be bullet-proof under the harshest conditions of riding.