Easton EC90 Wheels

Easton EC90 Wheels

For riders who need the lightest wheel sets the Easton EC90 wheels provide a carbon tubular alternative to their top clincher range. These wheel sets are available in deeper rim depths than the aluminium equivalent.

First there is the Easton EA90 SLX which is an extremely lightweight climbing wheel at 1175g for a set, at a rim depth of 25mm, which also has sufficient strength to withstand sprinting. This wheel has been used by top teams with an excellent reliability record.

Next comes the EA90 SL, which is a more versatile wheel at a rim depth of 38mm and a weight of 1232g, giving it the ability to fulfil climbing needs while also having the aerodynamic properties to perform well on flatter rights. Easton say that this is a do-everything wheel and they have also equipped it with ceramic bearings.

The next three wheels are all more specialist. There is the Aero tubular EC90 at a room depth of 56mm, which is made for road racing along the flat or for time trials. These provide rapid acceleration with lateral stiffness.

The Easton EC90 TKO wheel also has a rim of 56 mm, but is a track specific wheel with a unique design in which the wheel mounts to the hub using aluminium
cogs and a splined design with a lock ring. These wheels are carefully designed to withstand the immense loads of track racing.

Finally Easton produce the EC90 TT tubular wheel at a rim depth of 90mm, which fulfils the needs of time trial and triathlon riders who need the ultimate in aerodynamic cutting force to achieve maximum consistent speed.

In order of rim depth:
Easton EC90 SLX Carbon
Easton EC90 SL Tubular
Easton EC90 Aero Tubular
Easton EC90 TKO Carbon
Easton EC90 TT Tubular

Summary specifications for the EC90 wheels

Size: 700C. Weight: 1175 grams. Hubs: F-R4 SL, R-R4 SL
Rim depth: 25mm with Sapim double-butted black spokes, 18F radial on the front and 24R radial NDS / 2-cross DS on the rear.
Nipples: Alloy Black. Bearings: Grade 3 hybrid ceramic.

Size: 700C. Weight: 1232 grams. Hubs: F-R4SL, R-R4SL.
Rim depth: 38mm with Sapim double-butted black, straight pull spokes, 18F Radial front, 24R radial NDS/ 1-cross DS rear.
Nipples: Alloy Black Interval. Bearings: Custom Grade 3 ceramic
This wheel usese the new R4SL style rear hub with slip-fit axle and tool-free bearing adjustment with dedicated Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM cassette bodies.

EC90 Aero tubular wheels:
Size: 700C. Weight: 1335 grams. Hubs: F-R4 SL, R-R4 SL
Rim depth: 56mm with Sapim black bladed spokes, 18F radial on the front, 20R-radial NDS / 2-cross DS on rear.
Nipples: Alloy Black (internal). Bearings: Grade 3 Hybrid Ceramic

Size: 700C. Weight: 1545 grams. Hubs: F-R4, R-R4
Rim depth: 56mm with Sapim double-butted silver spokes, 20F radial front, 28R radial / 2-cross DS rear.
Nipples: Alloy Black (internal). Cogs: Easton splined alloy

Size: 700C. Weight: 1424 grams. Hubs: F-R4TT R-R4SL.
Rim depth: 90mm with Sapim bladed black, straight pull spokes, 12F radial front, 16R radial NDS / 2-cross DS rear.
Nipples: Alloy black (internal). Bearings: custom Grade 3 ceramic.
Shimano and Campagnolo specific sets available.