Fast Forward (FFWD) Wheels and Wheelsets

Summary of the Fast Forward wheel range

These wheels are for fast road, TT and track use by competitive riders and have a mid-to top range price. There are five models in the range which basically vary by rim profile, with variations for each model using FFWD hubs for the base models and DT Swiss hubs including ceramic bearings for the top models.

All the models are available in tubular version, with some also in clincher.

It is quite easy to understand the range because fast forward have a logical naming sequence for their wheels; with a letter at the start, followed by a number which corresponds to the rim depth divided by 10. The lower the number, the lower the rim profile; so for instance F2 is a 20 mm rim depth, while F9 is a 90 mm rim depth. There is a final letter for different versions within the same model.

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About Fast Forward Wheels

This is a Dutch company specialising in top end racing wheels of carbon construction for track, triathlon, road and cyclocross. Each wheel as they unique serial number and is hand built to exacting quality standards.

The very best components are incorporated into all the FFWD wheels and wheel sets, including high tensile TC35 carbon rims and brass nipples as standard, with the option of using DT Swiss 240 S or 190 ceramic hubs together with Aerolite spokes.

Technology in use by FFWD

In terms of standing out from other wheel brands there are a number of specific design elements in use throughout the range of wheels. Firstly, there is the use of 20 spokes on the front wheels and 24 on the rear, giving extra rigidity and strength where it is needed, at the slight expense of some extra weight.

The wheels also have special carbon reinforcement around the rim nipple areas, which allows the spokes to be installed with increased tension to give maximum responsiveness and to lessen flexing.

Recently Fast Forward has also introduced the DARC profile to their rims which uses a negative arc section in a design which is aimed to reduce air drag by using variations in air pressure.

Prices for FFWD wheels

The different profile wheels from Fast Forward all have similar costs, with the variations within each model making the main differences in price, particularly with the ceramic DT Swiss hubs.


This is the lowest profile FFWD we'll act a rim depth of 20 mm and is excellent for acceleration where a light wheel is needed, typically on hill climbs and mountains.


This wheel has a 38 mm deep rim giving slightly less drag and is a versatile wheel from Fast Forward, excellent on hills under acceleration, but also good on more constant speed rides. It is available in tubular and clincher versions.


This is a 50 mm rim depth wheel from Fast Forward and falls into the area of highly versatile racing wheels, having significantly reduced drag factor and while still being a good hill climber, this makes it an excellent wheel for more constant speeds.


This FFWD wheel is one for races where low drag is an important factor, as it has a high 58 mm rim profile, making it an excellent choice for fast, long distance and constant speed rides. It is available in tubular and clincher versions.


This wheel is for use where low wind drag is essential as they have a 90 mm profile, making them ideal for high, constant speed events with not too many hills.