Fulcrum Wheels, Rims and Hubs

A guide to the Fulrum Racing Wheel range

Fulcrum are well known for their range of road racing wheels, ranging all the way from entry level up to highly sophisticated performance wheels for top competition use. There are seven wheels in the basic range, with two of them having extra two-way fit capability for using tubeless tyres, which are becoming increasingly important at top levels.

We have shown the price ranges for each wheelset, so you can select the right wheel for your budget and requirements. As with most racing wheels, the lighter you get while retaining strength and rigidity, the more you pay.

We have also described the key features that make each wheel different from the others; many of these are incremental increases in the use of technology that Fulcrum has researched in the development and design of its wheels. The basic types of technology are also described here.

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Summary of the Fulcrum Racing Wheels

There are seven models, two with tubeless options.

We've shown the prices for a wheelset opposite.

Below, you'll find descriptions of each of the wheels available

Price ranges (per wheelset)

Racing 7: £140
Racing 5: £180
Racing 3: £350
Racing 1: £600
Racing 1, 2-way £650
Racing Zero: £700
Racing Zero, 2-way: £800
Racing Light: £1500
Racing Speed: £1700

Summary of Fulcrum Racing Terminology

"2:1": The doubling of spokes in critical areas to minimise flexing and slackening when under load.
"Maximum Compatibility": Compatability with Shimano and Sram speed systems.
"Dynamic Balance": Deliberate addition of weight opposite the rim join to aid rotational balance.
"MoMag": Technology allowing spoke tensioning with a traditional nipple.
"Ultra Fit": Development of the best interface between tyre and rim for tubeless tyres.
"2-way fit": Wheels which can take tubeless tyres as well as clincher.
"Cult": Latest technology bearings with ceramic balls plus special steel for the races.

Fulcrum Racing 7

The entry level wheel with a 24mm rim height, aero profile and machined braking surfaces. Hubs are oversized, flanged, with sealed bearings. Radial spoke lacing is used on the front and 2 to 1l lacing on the rear. 1858g weight for the wheelset. 2:1 and Maximum Compatibility... Where to buy & prices

Fulcrum Racing 5

This is the mid range standard at a weight of 1755g for everyday use and training. Hubs are oversized, have flanges for blade hammer-head spokes and have single piece body to reduce weight. Radial spokes are used on the front wheel and 2:1 ratio for the rear, with dynamic balance.... Where to buy & prices

Fulcrum Racing 3

With these wheels Fulcrum have provided something which can be used for training but also for racing, with some of the technology from the Racing 1 and Racing Zero wheels incorporated, at a weight of 1605g.

The rim is specially machined for lightness, while not being drilled, therefore adding to rigidity. Hub bearings are adjustable, steel spokes have an aero profile with the number reduced for front and rear, radial at the front, crossed at back with doubling of the right hand ones. Also featuring dynamic balance, 2:1, maximum compatibility and MoMag.... Where to buy & prices

Fulcrum Racing Zero

These wheels are at the top of the range for ultra competitive racing. Rims are made by a special extrusion process, thinning the walls, there is lightening between spoke anchors, with no holes in the rim bed, giving strength but with a wheelset weight of only 1425g.

Spokes are variable section aero design tensioned by special nipples, 2:1 lacing on the rear drive side and hubs have adjustable bearings.

These have dynamic balance and MoMag technology.
They are also available in the 2-way fit for tubeless or clincher tyres, using Ultra Fit and have maximum compatability.... Where to buy & prices

Fulcrum Racing Light

This is a new version of the wheel which uses carbon fibre hubs on steel bearings with CULT ball bearing technology. The end result is a racing wheel that weighs just 1280g and is ideal for sprints and uphill races.

Theres a low profile rim which can be used with tubular or clincher tyres. Spokes are doubled on the freehub side 2:1 technology to give rapid response.... Where to buy & prices

Fulcrum Racing Speed

This is a pro cyclists wheel as a result of packing in lots of high level features, such as a high rim profile at 50mm, lightness, carbon body and CULT ball bearing technology.

Spokes are doubled on the freehub side using 2:1 technology.
Special brake pads are required with this wheel.... Where to buy & prices