Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels

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Fulcrum Racing 3

These are strong wheels from Fulcrum, in the middle price and performance range, with a great deal of flex and torsion resistance, which makes them very useful for both competition and everyday training.

The Racing 3 wheelset comes in at a respectable 1635g, with the rim having been milled inbetween the spokes to reduce weight and not drilled, so it can be tape free. Rims on the Fulcrum Racing 3 are dynamically balanced to compensate for the weight at the wheen join and have a depth of 26mm

The hub uses angular contact bearings which give smooth running and if maintained well, should give years of use. Also they are oversized with the bearings adjustable.

Spokes are elliptical aero profile, on the rear there are 14 on the drive side and 7 taking up the left strain, while there are 16 in radial pattern on the front wheel.

Results for Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels include the following models and versions:

Fulcrum Racing 3 clincher
Fulcrum Racing 3 2 way fit
Fulcrum Racing 3 2008, 2009 and 2010
Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset

Main specifications and features of the Racing 3 wheel

Aluminium rim 26mm, non drilled
Aluminium oversized hubs, adjustable bearings
2mm aero spokes 16 front 21 on rear
Radial spoking on front, doubling on the drive side at rear
Dynamic balancing
1635g weight for a wheelset
Inter spoke milling

Review summary for Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels

This wheel is given good ratings by most reviewers who particularly comment on how solid it is, yet combined with sufficient lightness to give you plenty of opportunity for speed without expending more energy than you wanted.

A few heavier riders seem to get plenty of confidence from the Racing 3, which is borne out by very few problems. The quality of the hub in particular gets plenty of mentions.

Keep an eye on...
Some cyclists have reported the spokes rotating as they are not keyed into the hub, so the aero profile won't work at optimum efficiency.
Can be a bit loud, although some people like the noise !
Possibly a bit of a harsh ride on long distance.

All in all the Fulcrum Racing 3 seems to deliver well for its mid range price.