Fulcrum Racing Light Wheels

Fulcrum Racing Light

For the really serious competitor in racing is the Fulcrum Racing Light wheel, with full carbon clincher rims - a perfect wheel for climbs.

Its a light and reactive wheel thanks to the Fulcrum 2:1 Two to One Spoke Ratio design concept. The low profile rim for clincher tyres is made of carbon fibre for maximum lightness / strength, with the hubs carbon and the right flange of the rear wheel is oversized. It has adjustable bearings to obtain the maximum smoothness. The spokes are of the differentiated-thickness aero type and the Fulcrum Racing Light is compatible with Campagnolo and Shimano drivetrains.

With this wheel Fulcrum have more or less included all the advanced technology that they have developed and this extends particularly to the hubs which have carbon fibre bodies together with CULT ceramic ball bearing technology. This makes the hubs extremely fluid and durable and also saves weight over aluminium versions.

As you might expect from a top level wheel, the balancing on the Fulcrum Racing Light is excellent and uses careful placement of overweight spokes to balance valve weight. The spokes are extremely thin and bladed, again another way of saving weight, but are obviously up to the job of keeping the wheel rigid as you can tell from the comments on stability in reviews. On the front wheel they are symmetric while on the back they are offset to compensate for the drivetrain forces.

Fulcrum racing light XLR clincher
Fulcrum racing light XLR tubular
Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Clincher 2010
Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Tubular 2010
Fulcrum Racing Light Wheelset

Specification summary

Weights: Racing Light XLR tubular:
Front: 546 g
Rear: 680 g
Racing Light XLR clincher:
Front: 595 g
Rear: 750 g

Review summary for the Fulcrum racing light wheels

At this price point you might expect the wheels to have excellent reviews and in fact that is exactly what you do find, with some "rave" reviews as well. In terms of doing what they are designed for, there appears to only be slight competition against the Racing Light wheels.

There are many review comments emphasising how rapid, stiff and responsive the racing light wheels are when pushing hard up hills, with plenty of enthusiasm for their accurate, and rail like cornering ability.

As you might expect from the low profile on these wheels, they are not affected much by side winds.

The only negative we have seen is that the hubs are sometimes noisier than you might expect; however it does just appear to be a noise and nothing else.