Fulcrum Red Metal Wheels

Fulcrum Red Metal

Fulcrum Red Metal Wheels are for cross country and range from the top Zero model through the 1,3 and 5, mainly different by their weight.

The Zero is a cutting edge wheel from Fulcrum as used by Julien Absalon the 2007 cross country World Champion. Featuring: 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel for extra stability under load, 2:1 spoke ratio on disc rotor side of front wheel for extra stability under braking, Incredible lightweight 1456g per pair (V-brake model), Lightweight alloy oversized axle, High precision bearings, UST compatible rim, Sealed bearing freehub body, Includes quick releases, Available as 6 bolt international standard, AFS (Centrelock) and V-brake.

The Red Metal 1 and 3 are UST compatible.
Red Metal 1 weighs 1665g a pair.
Red Metal 3 weighs 1853g a pair.
Red Metal 5 weighs 1805g a pair and is the entry level wheel.