Mavic Wheels, Rims and Hubs

Guide to the Mavic Wheel range

These are one of the best known cycle wheel manufacturers, covering wheels for both road and mountain bike use, for the relatively serious cyclist. These are all performance wheels in that Mavic have conducted a great deal of research and development into weight saving, aerodynamics and strength for each wheel model.

We have divided the range into sections: Road Wheels and MTB wheels.

Also price ranges are shown, so you can easily see the right Mavic cycle wheel for your requirements and budget. In general, you|ll pay more for less weight, increased rigidity and increased strength. Obviously depending on your cycling, each of these factors can more more important than the others. We|ve tried to distinguish between them to help choice.

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Mavic Wheels for Road Racing

These comprise four wheel models, with different specifications available within some models. The price ranges for a wheelset are shown opposite (approximately).

The aero wheels are designed for pure speed.

Here are some summary descriptions of the wheels...

Price ranges (per wheelset)

Aksium - £150
Ksyrium £200-£650
R-Sys £800
Cosmic Elite - £300 (aero)
Cosmic Carbone - £900 (aero)


At 1855 grams per set this is the entry level Mavic Road Wheel, using some high end features from other models including QRM bearings, FTS-L freewheel, H2 spoke holes and straight pull spokes. It also features a semi-aero rim and flat aero spokes.... Where to buy + prices


After the standard wheel, is the Equip at a modest weight saving of 1770g using more Mavic technologies like Isopulse lacing of the spokes, which gives better response, together with a larger dish, increasing stiffness. Also with optimised hub body, new hub and rim designs.

Next is the Elite in which some serious weight saving is put into operation by Mavic, coming in at 1550g, which is around 200g lighter, giving significant inertia reduction. Rim is ISM lightened, front is low profile, there's a wider wheel dish, Isopulse lacing and optimised bearing position. One of the Mavic wheels where serious performance is demanded.

The SL increases rigidity with an assymetric rear rim and weight is reduced with a carbon front hub body and Maxtal alloy rim (exclusive to Mavic). Rim height is changed to 22mm. This gives a wheelset weight of 1485g.

Finally, the Premium version of the SL is lightened with titanium to reduce weight to 1480g for the set, while including all the benefits of the SL - different rim heights, carbon front hub, optimised rear dish and assymetric rear rim.... Where to buy + prices


This range of wheels is designed mainly with aerodynamic performance in mind, for acceleration and speed. The main models are the Cosmic Elite which is at entry level, followed by the SL and Ultimate models which are top-end Mavic race wheels.

They have deeper rim profiles - 20mm or 30mm, a low spoke count, bladed spoke profiles with radial lacing and the top models have carbon flanges and elliptical rim flanges.... Where to buy + prices

Mavic Wheels for MTB

These are 5 models with different specifications depending on what sort of mountain biking you are doing. They cover Cross Country, Enduro, Freeride and Downhill racers.

The price ranges for a wheelset are shown opposite (approximately).

Here are some summary descriptions of the wheels...

Price ranges (per wheelset)

Crossmax SL - £500
Crossmax SLR - £600
Crossmax ST - £500
Crossride - £150
Crosstrail - £300
Deemax - £400
Deetraks - £280

Crossmax SL

This was the previous version of Cross Country wheel, the Crossmax, before the SLR came out. At 1520g its light and stiff thanks to Zicral spokes. It also features low inertia rims at 21mm.... Where to buy + prices

Crossmax SLR

This Mavic Wheel is a proven Cross Country winner in World Cup. At 1420g a set it adds to the performance of the SL by using carbon front hub and extra light rear hub design.... Where to buy + prices

Crossmax ST

This is really a versatile wheel from Mavic for all sorts of mountain bike riding, taking up to a 2.3 inch tyre. A wheelset weighs 1635g.... Where to buy + prices


Mavic say that this wheel is for downhill racing and extreme freeride, being both strong and having the right combination of stability and weight to keep it manoeuverable. Because of the high levels of shock likely, this wheel weighs in at 2160g reflecting its strength requirement.... Where to buy + prices