Mavic Aksium Wheels

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Mavic Aksium

The Mavic Aksium is a light and responsive wheel for road use with a clincher tyre. It is the entry level wheel, but also provides some of Mavic's top technology for everyday use. This includes straight pull flat aero spokes, 20 in front and rear, radial on the front and back except for 2 cross on the drive side at the rear.

Cartridge bearings are used which are serviceable and an adaptable lightweight anodised aluminium rims which are 21mm deep.

The spoke nipple holes are reinforced and with wear indicators. As you might expect the wheels may need a tweak or two of spoke tensioning when you have done a few miles, but together with good rigidity, a Mavic Aksium wheelset should give you good service if you are looking for the first step up in lightening your bike and improving its responsiveness.

Results for Mavic Aksium Wheels include the following models and versions:

The Aksium from Mavic is available in the following models:
Mavic Aksium front wheel
Mavic Aksium rear wheel
Mavic Aksium wheelset
Colours available are black and silver

Main specifications and features of the Aksium wheel

The Aksium wheels feature: QRM bearings, FTS-L freewheel, H2 spoke holes, Straight pull spokes: stronger than J bent spokes, Weights 870 grams front, 985 grams rear, UB Control braking surface, External Wear Indicator, H2 technology eyelet, pinned joint, 6106 Aluminum, 20 spoke, stainless steel lacing, front radial lacing, rear radial non-drive side, crossed 2 drive side, QRM bearings, steel axles, aluminium bodies. Compatibility: ED10 (Campagnolo) or M10 (Shimano, Sram...), ETRTO size: 622x15c, Recommended tyre sizes: 19 to 32 mm.

If you need to go up a price level for increased performance then the next wheel to look at is the Mavic Ksyrium

Summary of the reviews for Mavic Aksium wheels

Given that the Mavic Aksium is an entry level road wheel, there are obviously going to be reviews where cyclists complain about the weight, or the flex or that they have buckled under stress.

However at this price its not surprising to find that they are well rated and whichever forum or review site you find, they seem to get 4 out of 5.

There are several comments that the wheels don't feel heavy on the road and that the build quality is good, which you would expect from a Mavic Wheel. Also the ride is said to be smooth, which is function of the hub design.

Maintainence issues
Spoke tension needs adjusting after a few hundred miles as they might start rotating on their own.