Mavic Cosmic Wheels

Mavic Cosmic

Here's a range of the Mavic Cosmic wheels in a variety of models, standard, clincher and tubular for road use.

The Cosmic Elite is at entry level with ultra flat bladed spokes design and the FTS-L freehub system for full indexation compatibility, 6106 alloy rims, SUP welded joint, UB Control braking surface, Zamac profiled eyelets, Stainless bladed straight pull spokes, Serviceable sealed cartridge bearings, Alloy quick release.

The Mavic Cosmic Carbone Tubular and Clincher wheels are extremely lightweight and feature: Maxtal rim material, ISM lightened rim body with bidirectional carbon flanges, SUP welded joint, UB Control braking surface, single stainless steel eyelet, black ultra flat spokes, lacing is rear radial non drive side, crossed 2 drive side, Integrated free wheel mechanism: FTS-L system on hubs with adjustable, removable and sealed cartridge bearings.

At the top of the range the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate is light, stiff and aerodynamic featuring: 40 mm deep rim profile, no spoke drilling, Asymmetrical rear rim profiles, 100% carbon spokes, Elliptical spokes and rim walls, Molded spokes without nipple, spoke head nor hub slots, Aero shaped front hub body, Extremely light at 665 grams (ED10), 12K carbon fiber rim with ultra light foam core, Unidirectional carbon fibre, rim to rim molded spokes, 100% carbon front hub body.

Results for Mavic Cosmic Wheels include the following models and versions:

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL
Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR
Mavic Cosmic Carbone Pro Powertap
Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate (tubular)
Mavic Cosmic Elite