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  • Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon 27.5 Boost Wheelset Sram XD (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display) - price: �523.0 Save: 65%
  • Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon Offset Rear Wheel (Cannondale) - price: �299.98 Save: 61%
  • Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon Supermax Front Wheel (Cannonda - price: �239.99 Save: 61%
Mavic Crossmax

There's a wide range of Mavic Crossmax wheels for all types of riding, including the Enduro, SL, SLR, 29er, ST, SX and XL models. Brief descriptions below:

The Mavic Enduro is a crossmountain Wheel, Maxtal anodised rim, Fore drilled, Sealed bearings, for Rim Brake only.

The Mavic Crossmax ST is ideal for technical riding with its highly efficient new hub design. Designed for cross mountain use. Maxtal shot peened and black anodized rim, Zicral straight pull spokes, Oversize alloy body quick release hub, QRM+ bearings, FTS-X freewheel system.

The Mavic Crossmax XL is disc brake only and used for serious XC and Downhill to freeriding, Reinforced anodised with CNC machined internal surface, Zicral round straight-pull spokes with retention device, 6 hole international standard disc.

The Mavic Crossmax SLR is the world's highest performing XC race wheel featuring: Titanium quick release, Black and red, 600g front, 820g rear.

The Mavic Crossmax SL is for XC racing with re-designed hubs, butted spokes and lighter rim. Maxtal shot peened, silver anodized rim with Zicral straight pull, profiled spokes, 24 hole front crossed 2, Oversize alloy body hub with alloy/alloy titanium q/r axle, QRM+ bearings, International Standard disc brake compatible.

Results for Mavic Crossmax Wheels include the following models and versions:

Mavic Crossmax SL Disc
Mavic Crossmax SLR Disc
Mavic Crossmax SLR UST
Mavic Crossmax ST Disc
Mavic Crossmax SX