Mavic Deemax Wheels

Mavic Deemax

The Mavic Deemax will take all sorts of riding and stay intact and is a pure downwhill racing wheel developed with world cup athletes. Rims are very light with double butted bladed spokes for great control and this wheel gives great response while also having great strength for those taxing rides.

You can choose between the standard, UST and ultimate versions at different price points, with increasing levels of specification.

Features: Maxtal alloy rims with a SUP welded joint, Black stainless steel straight pull spokes, 28 crossed 3. Fore drilling technology. 6 bolt international standard Disc brake. UST Tubeless or normal tyre & tube. Dynamic handling, easy to control, steering precision, Compatible with most frames and retention systems, Fore drilled, wide, welded rim, Oversized hubs with large bearings, Lightweight for the category, 1120g weight, 20mm Through axle or 9mm QR with adapter (supplied).

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Mavic Deemax front and rear wheels and wheelsets from 2009 and 2010
Mavic Deemax Ultimate wheels and wheelsets
Mavic Deemax UST wheels and wheelsets