Zipp Wheels and Wheelsets

A guide to the Zipp Wheel range

The main focus of Zipp Wheels is top level racing and in 2008 you may well have seen them used by Jan Frodeno winning gold in the Olympics or by Carlos Sastre in the Tour de France.

There are 6 main models in the range, covering specialities of time trial, road race, hill climb and track. Some of the Zipp wheelsets are available in both tubular and clincher versions.

The most obvious differences between the wheels are the wheel profiles; this gives them their suitability for the different cycle racing disciplines. Given that these wheels are for top cycle races, its no surprise to find that the Zipp wheelsets don't include budget or entry level models.

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Summary of the Zipp Wheels available

There are six models, some with Tubular + Clincher versions.

We've shown typical prices for a wheelset opposite.

Below, you'll find summaries of each of the wheels.

Price ranges (per wheelset)

202: £1500
303: £1400
404: £1500
808: £1700
1080: £1900
900: £1200 (rear only)

Zipp Team Issue

This is a Zipp wheel developed for all year, all weather training purposes that will also work as a race wheel. This clincher has the lowest rim profile and borrows many of the technological features that Zipp usein their pure race wheels and weighs around 1500g.

Zipp 202 Tubular

At 1081g for a set, this wheel is according to Zipp, designed for ultimate use in high mountain climbs, with the lowest rim depth of the racing range. It also rolls efficiently on the flat and is sufficiently rigid to give accurate and stable cornering on the fast descents. Popular amongst top cyclists, it has been used in the Tour, the Paris Roubaix and many other events with success.... Where to buy & prices

Zipp 303 wheel range

At an increased rim depth and available in both tubular, clincher and cyclocross versions, this Zipp wheel has a rim width of 27.5mm and a depth of 45mm, giving it extreme durability to impact. The rim characteristics also give excellent lateral stiffness for cornering, sprinting and acceleration. It combines aerodynamic time savings with stability in crosswinds and is a popular choice for hilly triathlons or smaller mountain races, coming in at a weight of 1182g.... Where to buy & prices

Zipp 404

These are probably the most widespread and popular Zipp wheels in use, on account of their versatility, which allows for road race, triathlon and track use. At 58mm rim depth this wheel has the right aerodynamic qualities and strength to cover a wide range of surfaces, cornering and acceleration demands. Its not surprising to find it featuring in many Tour stages, the Alpe d'Heuz, the Queen K and being ridden by many well known top cyclists. It weighs 1232g for a wheelset and comes in tubular, clincher, track tubular, clydesdale tubular and clincher (for bigger riders), 650c tubular and clincher (for smaller riders) and cyclocross versions. With all these Zipp wheels, the company has changed the detail of each one to suit each application.... Where to buy & prices

Zipp 808 wheel

The rim depth on the 808 is a significant step up at 81mm, originally this Zipp wheel was designed for time trial and triathlon, but is also finding its way into road races. This is as a result of its excellent drag reducing aerodynamics, giving it the edge where pure speed comes into play, although for longer races the weight at 1462g will be more of a factor. Its available in tubular, clincher, track tubular and clydesdale tubular and clincher (for bigger riders) versions.... Where to buy & prices

Zipp 900 wheel

This is one of the first Zipp disc wheels used by top riders where speed and aerodynamic performance were a priority, for example for time trials, triathlons and track use. Its available in both tubular and clincher versions.... Where to buy & prices