Zipp 303 Wheels

Zipp 303 Wheel

This wheel is ideally suited to lighter riders below 90kg who are competing in hilly road races and who want to keep the wind at bay and control their bikes better in varying conditions.

The Zipp 303 fulfils these needs and is ideal for out of the saddle speed, being light, durable and comfortable, with little transmitted vibration thanks to its advanced carbon rim technology. It also has the braking qualities of an aluminium rim.

The latest rim has some aero shape refinement, copying the benefits of deeper rims and an increase in depth of 6mm to 44mm and the Zipp 303 is available in both tubular and clincher versions with the tubular weighing 1182g and the clincher 1613g.

Results for Zipp 303 Wheels include the following models and versions:

This wheel is available as follows 2009 / 2010:
Zipp 303 Clincher front, rear and wheelsets
Zipp 303 Tubular front, rear and wheelsets

Key specifications for the Zipp 303 Wheels

Clincher front wheel:
Weight: 744g
Spoke Count: 18, radial pattern, length 260mm
Dimpled Surface, rim 417 with an 88 hub
Track Adaptable with maximum tyre Pressure: 125psi.

Tubular front wheel:
Aero Rim with a width of 27.5mm and depth 45mm, dimpled surface 285v4
Weight: 519g
Spoke Count: 18, in radial pattern, length 258mm
Track Adaptable.

Clincher rear wheel:
Uses 417 rim with dimpled surface, with 188 hub
Weight: 869g
Spoke count is 24, cross pattern on non-drive, radial on drive side.
Spoke length on drive side is 248mm, non-drive length is 262mm
The wheel is track adaptable with maximum tyre pressure of 125psi.

Tubular rear wheel:
Uses an aero 285v4 rim at 27.5mm wide and depth of 45mm, with dimpled surface.
Weight: 652g using a 188 hub.
Spoke Count is 24, using cross pattern on non-drive and radial on drive side.
Spoke Length on Non-Drive side is 260mm, with 246mm on drive side
This wheel is not track adaptable.