Zipp 404 Wheels

Zipp 404 Wheel

These wheels in the clincher version are often used by racers who like to train and race on the same wheels, while getting excellent performance. The Zipp 404 wheels are versatile and therefore very popular, being suitable for both road racing and triathlons, giving the best aerodynamic performance with light weight and durability.

The clincher version has a 58mm rim depth and an aluminium braking surface for reliability. They are slightly heavier than the tubulars and don't have the new rim shape, but are lighter and faster than many SL wheels on the market and give you added security against potholes and rough road puncture risk.

The tubular version of the Zipp 404 tubular uses the third generation of the ABLC dimpling pattern and a new fully toroidal rim shape. It has also gone through many hours of wind tunnel testing along with the 808 to give reduced drag all the way from 0 to 30 degrees.

There are also added benefits of increased stiffness from the rim which is slightly wider and better braking with an angled track. The 404 tubular wheelset weighs 1232g.

It is also available in the Clydesdale model for more powerful riders.

These are fast wheels making the Zipp 404 very suitable for road races, time trials and track use although this comes at a price of around £1000 for a set.

The speed comes from a combination of the 58 mm deep rim is and excellent aerodynamic design; as the rims give rigidity while also being designed to minimise the effect of crosswinds. This is one of those wheels in which different cycling needs have been incorporated, without losing the benefits of each of these technologies used.

So for instance you can expect the Zipp 404 wheels to negotiate the fast corners without being jumpy even when the road is slightly rough.

Results for Zipp 404 Wheels include the following models and versions:

The Zipp 404 is available in the following versions:
Zipp 404 clincher
Zipp 404 tubular
Zipp 404 road
Zipp 404 track

Basic specifications for the Zipp 404

58 mm rim depth
18 spokes on the front
24 spokes on the rear
alloy hubs, which can also take ceramic bearings
approximately 1660 g a set for the clincher
around 1200 g for the tubular set