Zipp 808 Wheels

Zipp 808 Wheel

In time trials and triathlons the Zipp 808 tubular is a proven winner and is also starting to make its mark in road races, although it is very close to riding a disc in terms of speed.

This obviously follows from the high 81mm rim depth, together with the dimpled surface, while also not being subject to the same wind risk as a full disc.

Its also draft legal in all triathlon races.

However, its also been used to good effect in the last fast stages of road races and provided you can tolerate the increased rigidity during the main part of races, it may be worth a go to get the very most out of your higher speed sections.

Its weight is 1462g for an 808 wheelset.

There is also a Zipp 808 clincher model giving an all round use wheelset thats also got amazing aero properties, together with excellent resilience to impact.

Results for Zipp 808 Wheels include the following models and versions:

Zipp 808 Clincher front, rear and wheelsets
Zipp 808 Tubular front, rear and wheelsets

Key specifications for the Zipp 808 Wheels

Front Clincher:
Weight: 887g
Spoke Count: 16 in a radial pattern, length 222mm
Dimpled surface, 520 rim, 88 hub
Adaptable to track.
Max. tyre pressure: 125psi

Front Tubular:
Weight: 672g
Spoke Count: 16, in radial pattern, length 222mm
Dimpled Surface, 420 rim, 88 hub
Track Adaptable

Rear Clincher:
Weight: 1004g
Dimpled surface, 520 rim, 188 hub
Spoke Count of 20
Cross spoke pattern on non-drive side, length 226mm
Radial spokes on drive side, length 210mm
Not track adaptable
Maximum Tyre Pressure: 125psi

Rear Tubular:
Weight: 790g
Dimpled surface rim, used 420, with 188 hub
Spoke Count 20, cross pattern on non-drive side, 226mm length
Radial pattern spokes on drive side, length 210mm
Not track Adaptable