Campagnolo Bora Wheels

Campagnolo Bora

The Campagnolo Bora Ultra is a Tubular wheel for full competitive road use, with the Ultra Two being for specialised pro use.

The standard wheel features perfect aerodynamics and maximum power transmission combined with extraordinary lightness. Theres a 50mm rim with a wing profile calculated on the basis of the dictates of fluid physics and made from structural carbon for great lightness and stiffness. Hubs are also made of structural carbon fibre with variable sections and spherical surfaces with Record class mechanics. Radial spoking and G3 spoking are used on the front and rear wheels respectively. Nominal weight is just 1,305 g.

Spec as follows: Weights: 565 g front, 740 g rear, Dynamic balancing, Hollow 50 mm carbon rim, Carbon hub bodies, Nut-plate system with ball coupling, Variable section stainless steel aero spokes, Self-locking nuts, Differentiated spokes, Aluminium right-hand rear flange, Oversize light-alloy axles, Ultralinear geometry, Special brake pads, Rear hub with oversize right-hand flange, Locking with light-alloy lever housing and Symmetric Action light-alloy lever, Monolithic FW body.

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