Campagnolo Ghibli Wheels

Campagnolo Ghibli

There are tubular road and tubular track wheels in the Campagnolo Ghibli range for pro competition use.

The Ghibli Tubular road wheels are disc wheels designed by the wind to excel in time trials, where every hundredth of a second counts and use unique designs and geometries. Featuring: Aramidic fibre tensile structure, Disc profile, Braking surface in aluminium, Aluminium hub bodies, Oversize light-alloy axles, Locking with light-alloy lever housing and Symmetric action light-alloy lever, Monolithic FW body.

The Ghibli tubular track wheel uses similarly high-end design. Featuring: Cup and cone bearings, Aluminium hub bodies, Aramidic fibre tensile structure, Disc profile, Steel track axles.