Campagnolo Shamal Wheels

Campagnolo Shamal

The Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Clincher is a top wheelset which incorporates all the innovations of recent years, to give top performance, strength, life and reliability. Light alloy rims come from selected extrusions and are CNC-machined to optimise the mechanical specifications; they are welded rims with a ground braking surface. Spaces between the spokes are lightened by toroidal grinding. Rim is dynamically balanced.

Featuring: Weights: 605 g front, 790 g rear, Ultralinear geometry, G3 geometry (rear), Dynamic balancing, Aluminium nipples, Cup and cone bearings, Oriented spoke holes, 4x15 balls 5/32" in Grade 10 stainless steel, Oversize right-hand rear flange, "ceramic ready" bearings, Undrilled top bridge, Standardised front-rear bearings, Monolithic FW body, Oversize light-alloy axles, Locking with light-alloy lever housing and Symmetric Action light-alloy lever, Welded joint and machined sides, Carbon and aluminium hub bodies, Differentiated front-rear rims, Selected rims, Variable section stainless steel aero spokes, Rim with toroidal milling.

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in its 2 way fit clincher / tubeless version