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Write about your Bike and publicise charity ride or team

Publicity for charity rides or cycling teams

If you can put about 500 words together (its actually quite easy once you get going !) about your latest bike, or bikes, and you are part of a cycle event team or cycle team that would like some publicity, we would like to hear from you. If you are going to be doing some charity rides, then that's all the better. Writing about last year's charity ride could be a good basis.

We'll put whatever you write into our Bikes section.

You don't have to have perfect grammer and spelling - we'll look after that - the main thing is just information about the bike. We thought this idea might do a bit of good while also giving our visitors useful information about Bikes. Judging by the forums there are lots of you out there who enjoy discussing your bikes, the pros and cons, why you bought them, what you use them for and so on.

That will give people a better idea of the bike than us just copying the manufacturers specifications and marketing stuff !

Contact for more details or to have a chat about any ideas.
Please note: this is a UK & Ireland only offer.

What we will do

Your information will appear in our main Bike pages exclusively for your particular bike.

At the bottom of your bike article, we'll credit you (full name if you like), your team, the charity and will also put a link in to wherever is best for you. So for instance, if you have a sponsorship page online for a charity we'll link to that; or if you've got a cycling team page we can link to that as well.

An example

Here's an example: Scott Addict CX RC. This particular piece has around 500 words.
Here's some more: Cannondale Taurine... GT Transeo... Specialized Allez

As you can see there isn't any fixed format or layout but they do have quite a few of the contents that we've listed below as a guide.

What do you need to write ?

We are after mainly factual, descriptive and technical views of your bike, with a bit of review thrown in. So the main thing is, you need to know your bike.

The structure of what you write doesn't have to be exact, so for instance here's what you could include:
What you were looking for when you bought it.
What sort of racing you do.
What technical specification you were looking for.
Your budget.
What other bikes you considered.
Any extras you fitted.
How the one you've got has worked out.
Any extras you are considering fitting.
What your general view of the bike is now.
... that sort of thing.
Even the odd story perhaps of your last event.

If you're not sure about anything or have some other ideas, please just contact us and we'll have a chat: Contact for more details.