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Road racing wheels for climbing and flat

Mid priced road wheels for all racing

Its difficult to keep on top of cycling wheel developments and what is available on the market, so this is the start of some posts and information about wheels for different cycling purposes.
We are starting with a group of mid-priced wheels that are used for competition and where the requirement is for the ability to cope with climbs, descents and constant flat speed. We've picked wheelsets costing between approximately £500 to £1000.

That means wheels with a slightly increased rim profile that gives them some distinct aero properties, while remaining light for climbing.

Starting with Easton Wheels, who seem to have a very good reliability record and good reviews across their range, there is the EA90 model, which is an aluminium clincher based at around the £500 mark and the EC90 tubular wheels which are carbon based and approximately twice the price.
In the wheel range made by Fast Forward, you can include both the FFWD F4R and F5R wheels, both just under £1000 a set and with the F5R at a slightly deeper rim depth than the F4R.
Another popular wheel is the Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL within the Mavic Wheels range which retails at around £800 a set with a 52mm rim depth.

If you were looking at Shimano Wheels then the common searches are looking for the Dura Ace 7850 range in various models.

Finally in this price range, you'll find the DT Swiss 1850 wheels.